zondag 26 november 2017

A very sticky sunday

Today I sat down and decided to spend all the day glueing together Slaaneshi models for my Emperor's Children force.

They started to litter around everywhere, and that way I could get a bit of an oversight on all that was in lots the past few weeks, and to see what needs to be added come 2018 and the preparations for the big 40k battle at TSA at the end of may.

Now, this resulted in my hobby room becoming a bit of a battlefield, as bits boxes, sprues, boxes and all sorts of other containers lingered around, until I about totally filled my painting desk with figures.

The first thing I stuck together was a Helbrute, with a fist and melta.  I did some small converting on him to allow for a combi-bolter to be placed on his chest area.

The second model I assembled is something I didn`t have yet in my force, being a basic Chaos Lord in power armour.

Next up, a full unit of 10 Chosen, who use the special character I already have as an Exalted Champion in my force as the unit champion.  I did some weapon swaps to include a meltagun, as well as enough bolters and chainswords to make them totally Wysiwyg for the tabletop.

The lot I got past friday contained Cultists, so I assembled them and added a 20th model, as the normal one is the special champion from the Dark Vengeance set.

Next up from the Chaos Terminator character set, I made up a Sorcerer and added a (of course naked) little Sprite in case I give him a Familiar.  Or just a pretty gift by Slaanesh...

The box of regular Jump Marines I got a few weeks ago are drafted to reinforce my "Black Templar Raptors", as I saw past friday versus the Guard that in order to be a real deepstriking threat, the Raptors need to be with more then 5, if only to get through overwatch decently.

A group of Seekers of Slaanesh has been assembled as well.  I got four more, but as they come in fives I`m looking around for something suitably sexy on the net to round the unit out to 10 models, and start with the 5 woman unit first for now.

Talking demons, I also assembled the second of my units of daemonettes, so I can summon more of them or even field a Slaanesh detachment one of these weeks to go along the Marines.

The final model I glued together is one of the Raging Heroes characters, a very sexy (if gruesome) lady to become a Herald in said demonic force.

So all in all, I put together 65 models today, and together with all the cultists on the desk (as shown in the video yesterday) that would almost double my force in points, definitly in numbers of models.  So I guess for the big battle, I`m going to focus on rounding out the havocs at first, and then start adding some armoured forces to the Legion.

Guess next sunday it won`t be sticky sunday, but undercoating sunday hehehe...

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Makes you long for a days before plastic kits. It annoys me that you can spend as much time putting them together as you do painting them.

  2. Yes and no, the transportation benefits and the lack of heart attacks if something big topples over on the table does compensate a lot for me tbh