woensdag 22 november 2017

She was a Private Dancer

The cults dedicated to Slaanesh draw people of all layers of society, and so it is with the Cult leader only known as "The Conjurer".

While no-one knows who she really was, it is rumoured she was an exotic dancer on a minor Hiveworld.

Not happy with her life, she craved only the power to influence men and get her riches that way, and one day, her pleas where answered from the Warp.  Now leading a group of labourers in a small cultist band, she has the power to conjure a minor warp entity and unleash it upon her enemies.

This model by Freebooter is the champion for the second Cultist (out of about a dozen) unit I`m painting.  While these will have a more reddish colourscheme, I really loved the model and wanted to include her in the force in some way.  Ruleswise, she will be equipped with a shotgun, to represent the "bursting out" of the demon from her trenchcoat.

Now to start working on her actual unit to lead...

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