donderdag 9 november 2017

Herald of Slaanesh and Warriors

Today, it was a mate of mine`s funeral, so I needed to put my mind in order and spend far more time then usual on basing these figures.

It`s not easy doing it teary eyed, but I just needed to be distracted.

The Herald of Slaanesh is actually a Naga model from Avatars of War, but with her four arms and serpentine body, she is perfect as that leans to 40k`s Fulgrim`s appearance.

The warriors, a mighty unit of 5 for 90 points on the other hand, are your robust, toe to head armoured slaughterers.  I opted for a purple and gold armour compared to the bright pink of my 40k Marines, to add more contrast and some variation in painting.

All in all, some nice reinforcements for the Age of Sigmar force, and a nice 150 additional points to the tally.

I might make 1000 on them before the end of the year after all...

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