woensdag 15 november 2017


The latest series of the Marvel-verse, Inhumans was born under a bad constellation.

Initially planned as a theatre movie, they went to 8 episode series, and the critics at the premiere screening where, how shall we put this politely, "underwhelmed".

The series follows the rise of Maximus, a member of the royal family whose Terragenesis resulted in him becoming a normal human, and as such less then the others in many eyes.  He stages a coup to overthrow Black Bolt and his family and they have to flee to Hawaii.

Being forced to make contact with humanity, for which they have hidden for a long time by migrating to the moon, they are hunted by Maximus's followers in order to be executed.  Maximus on the other hand puts the whole of Attilan to his hand by eliminating threads to his rule, like the Genetic Council.

While Black Bolt and his family struggle to get back together and unite against the evil usurper, the race is on to prevent Maximus from getting Black Bolt's DNA and go through Terragenesis again to gain powers of his own at last.

Okay, so the story isn`t that halfbaked actually, and Iwan Rheon (best known as Ramsey Bolton) does a great Maximus in the series, but I`m apart that is indeed about it that was positive about the series.  Oh, and Lockjaw.

It`s acting is not up there with a lot of the other series, and the character development was rather poor, especially with the main characters, as the secondaries all get a "what drives them" episode in a way.  Gorgon, Karnack, Crystal... all get their chance to shine (and in two of the three, fail miserably, but that`s something else).

Nope, not a good series at all, and while the ending gives hints of possible sequels, and the Inhumans are rumoured to appear in Agents of SHIELD, I doubt we will see them again in their own series.

This was a "poor man's X-Men efforts" by Marvel...

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