donderdag 23 november 2017

Burn them all!

The second of three units for my Emperor's Children has been completed tonight, in the form of an expansion of the 5 man squad I did a while ago.

This time, it`s a decent champion and the specials for the unit.

The champion is actually a Chosen model, so as that is a unit of, well, unit champions, he was a perfect choice.

I didn`t go for a heavy weapon in this squad though, instead opting for the two Special Weapon slots, and both equipped with a Flamer.  Flamers are great in the current edition of 40k, with their automatic hitting, and this squad (bundled with the sneak preview we got earlier this week of Chapter Approved, which will focus more on the Troops selections in games) will be the one moving forward to try and flush troops from an objective.

The full squad completed:

Now, only one more unit to base, and I`ll have all of them ready to take on the Imperial Guard tomorrow...

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