donderdag 16 november 2017

The decision is made: the Lion

Call it nostalgia.  Call it melancholy.  Call it a blast from the past...

A few weeks ago, I did a piece on which would become my second force, with the main contenders being the Alpha Legion, whom I would make with all "Loyalist" models, or my first 40k force ever, the Dark Angels.

So I pondered over it for a few weeks, and did paintscheme test models for all of them (the Dark Angels one I`ll upload once it`s full unit has been done), weighted the pro's and contra's, and did some number crunching.

Rumours are abound that most Primarch's will reappear anyway, so that wasn`t an item on the list.

But in the sheer end, when I was looking earlier at the boxes of loyalist models I got last week, I needed to make the decision as I`ll start assembling them soon.  The Word Bearers, whom I wanted to do with Tzeentch demon support, quickly fell off.  It`s best to combine my Chaos models in a big force then a heap of splintered forces, big battles and such on the horizon in may.  So that paint scheme model will be recycled in a pink colour scheme.

That left me with the "what to do" with the loyalists.  Either I could create a second force of Chaos Marines, different models but the same rules and tactics as my main army of Emperor's Children. OR I could go the loyalist way all out and take a loyalist chapter.  And that would of course be that army i fielded in 3rd edition, the Dark Angels.  In a time when they where by far the least popular...

Now, the decision was made as I looked at the boxes of Devastators I have here, and the fact I wouldn`t be able to incorporate the plasmacannons into a Chaos force, as Havocs don`t have those.  It would be a shame not to use those, and the loyalists would give me some access to other troop types like speeders, attack bikes, and razorbacks for one.

So I cut the knot today, and it`ll be the Unforgiven that will be rising in my cabinets once again, albeit at a slow rate...

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