dinsdag 7 november 2017

The Empire Reiksguard Knights

An expanding with some "punch" for The Empire army, and a unit which doesn`t seem fieldable in the "regular" units for Age of Sigmar anymore.

The noble Reiksguard!

While the models are from one of the old MB inspired boardgames I believe, they are actual classic GW figures (look at the horses) and I got a total of 10 of them lying around.  For the first batch, and making the unit "fieldable" I went for 5 standard models of them.

Heavily armoured and equipped with lances, they are the punching unit of the The Empire, and now stand ready to ride of to war when I play AoS again, and bumping the force to around 1200 points total at the moment of restored forces.

Slowly but steadily we are getting there, and tonight I`ll be painting like crazy to complete some more small units for Age of Sigmar as such.

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