woensdag 22 november 2017

DaVinci's Demons season 1

Okay, another series to scratch of the backlog, or well, at least one of the seasons of this series.

I`m getting there, and doing paint marathons helps in going through the series lists.

DaVinci's Demons is set in the Florence of the de Medici, a state at rivalry, or even war, with the Papal state of Rome.

When a young Leonardo DaVinci, a genius, painter, sage to be, meets a strange turkish astrologer, he is set upon a path to find out the truth about his mother's identity.  This leads him to meet not only the Pope, but also the obscure Vlad Tepez the Third of Wallachia.  Yes, Dracula for short.

Set against all this is the political intrigue, as a spy is running around the court of Florence, and this turns out to be no-one else then Lucrezia, lover of both the ruler of Florence, as of Leonardo...

It`s a fine series for sure, but I must say that at times it kinda went to much in "God mode" for my taste.  The few flaws the lead character has, like his thirst for knowledge, are often downtuned as he returns as a sort of "Captain Florence" superhero type.  Though with pipecannons instead of an unbreakable shield if you catch my line of thought.

But, never the less in time I`ll go through the other seasons as well...

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