woensdag 8 november 2017

War for the Planet of the Apes

The third instalment of the reboot trilogy, Noshi and me watched this past sunday during a very, very lazy past Crisis afternoon.

That is not to say we where both knackered...

Humanity is losing the war against the apes, and the Simian virus, when a mysterious colonel and his Alpha Omega team attack the home of the tribe around Ceasar, killing his wife and kid.  Ceasar and a few of his bravest followers move to extract vengeance, while the rest of the tribe is set on their paths for new living grounds.

Along the way they "adopt" a young girl, who seemingly can`t speak.  He learns that amongst hundreds of captured apes, the colonel is barricading himself in to fight the US Army, as he runs a rogue operation to combat the devolving human population and the apes themselves.

The apes escape when the army attacks, and cross the desert to find an oasis for their new home, and Ceasar, his people led to safety, dies peacefully from his sustained wounds.

It`s a good movie, but perhaps a bit "too" realistic.  Compared to the kitshy originals, this looks like something that actually might be just around the corner, and that is the strength of this series of movies if you ask me.
Serkis is fantastic as Ceasar, and they even have their own "Gollum" in the film, which for me was the least part of the film.

But it`s a damn fine movie!

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