maandag 6 november 2017

Haul Report 105 and 106

A double episode this week... because basically I forgot to upload 105 last week, oops.

Now, npt that it was that a spectacular issue, as it featured some freebies from Nemesis, in the form of a Primaris marine to test my Alpha Legion scheme on, and a pot of Gloss varnish

Talking freebies, beginning of this week I also got some paints from my beloved Coat D`Arms from him, as he ain`t using them anyways.

While I have a lot of loot from the Crisis show, which will be shown in the Crisis report later this day (I`m currently tinkering with the 1hr long movie I made for it), some things I got there where "bring along but bought earlier". 

The first being of course a new club t-shirt, as my old one after the hiatus is verschwunden. 

I also picked up a copy through Gunbird of the FWC rules again, so I can start buggering the Nemesis for a game in 2018 or so.

The final lot is a heap of stuff from a club member, consisting of some naked and dressed up elves figures (for use in my Slaanesh force mainly), as well as a bunch of chaos sprues whom will be inserted mostly into the Word Bearers force.

But now, I`m back to editing and selecting my report pictures!

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