donderdag 9 november 2017

Alpha Legion colour test model

The third of the four Legions I`m building, Alpha Legion always had me attracted even back in the days that I started playing 40k, due to the mystery surrounding them.

Being the ultimate deceivers, I have something special in mind for building that force, even going as far as including Primaris Marines, one of whom I used to experiment on for the colour scheme.

Using a series of layerd over colours, starting from a drybrush of metal over which blue paints and inks went in order to end with Turquoise highlights, I tried to create the "sheen" of their armour as such.

I`ll be doing a full army build idea post probably somewhere next week though, and brabble on about what exactly I`m going to do with the Legion and how I`m seeing it to put them on the table.

I am Alpharius!

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