maandag 6 november 2017

Emperor's Children Terminator squad

While waiting for YouTube to render the 5 gig large Crisis walkaround movie, I varnished my Terminator squad for Warhammer 40k.

Consisting of the older metal models I bought a while ago from Nemesis, they are now decked out in the splendid black and pink of the Slaanesh devoted legion, in order to make Fulgrim proud on the field of battle.

Heavily armed, these guys will accompany my lord in Terminator armour onto the battlefield (until at least I order those Phoenix Guard from Forge World) and hopefully wreak havoc in the enemy lines by arriving by teleporter.

This should give a nice collection of combi-weapons and autocannon to mow down the enemy, before charging in with chainfist and -axe and decimate whatever stands in their way.

And bring my Legion up to 1500 points "playable" now, with a heap of reinforcements still underway in the coming weeks...

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