zondag 19 november 2017

The Haul report 108: freebie week

Well, these are the cool weeks, where you get a load of stuff for an absolute price of 0.

So let's have a little look then...

The first things I grabbed where some free promo items at last weeks tattoo conventions.  The black stickers are going on my transport case, as is the anime magnet lady.  They also had Iphone covers for free, but as I don`t have an iphone...

The second piece of goodies was a gift from Patrick at TSA.  he had some Chaos bits still lying around in his bits box and asked if I wanted them.  Of course I did, but then he came along with this huge bag.

I`m still clipping and sorting, but it has a heap of Seekers of Slaanesh in it, as well as about 20 odd cultists and a dozen marines for starters. Thanks again mate.

Well, a good week as such and very budget friendly x-D

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