donderdag 2 november 2017

Bibberen in 't Stad 2017

This Halloween, the GF and me, whom I`ll be nicknaming Noshi from now in my posts (it`s an MMO thingy), signed in for a guided walk through Antwerp.

Organised by Lou and Patrick, whom I know from TSA (and far before that), this was a two hour walk through Antwerp, telling about local legends and facts.

Bear in mind, while many of these are indeed folklore, legends and stories, behind every tale there IS an edge of truth.  So wether it is real, something is happening or has happened, or it`s all some twistings of minds... that is something you might never know.

Tales like "Flupke het spelend engelke" (a story about a playing child being heard after world war 1 in a small alley), the exorcism of Cafe Triton, the legend of why there are so many Maria statues (historical facts or did Lange Wapper indeed haunt rennaissance Antwerp)...

It was a very enjoyable and intresting walk around, visiting some nice places that I might have passed even on a daily basis, but never knew there was a tale connected to those.  I think in the end, I knew about a third of the local legends.

It was, luckily, dry, but rather chilly, and afterwards Noshi and me went for a nice hot bite... and a well deserved rest.

But did I just see something in the corner of my eye...

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