maandag 13 november 2017

Celtic Cross and Wandering Bard

Got some small items finished over the weekend for use in SAGA, including my "Crisis impulse buy".

Which tought me a few lessons...

The first of it being that MDF terrain, something that came to be "a thing" during my hiatus is quite a lovely and cheap medium for some good looking terrain.

The second is that I need to study YouTube apparently to find out how it is "sealed" during priming, as it tends to absorb the paint rather happily.

But in the end, with a mixture of grey tones and a Strong Tone ink, I managed to get a decent looking result for the first piece of scenery I bought and painted in literally years.  It`ll be on the board when my troops fight for glory in both SAGA or Dux Britaniarrum.

The second thing I finished is a Wandering Bard from Gripping Beast.  I got the upgrade in the Dux campaign, and even though he doesn`t "have" to be on the field, just like the crone I painted a few weeks back, he will be along her and the above cross when I go to war.

Just to well, look cool...

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