zaterdag 25 november 2017

On the Painting Desk 22

Also known as "the one where I stocked away things to make space for a lot of cultists"...

A bit of reorganising, as I got my greedy little paws on a lot of Slaanesh models the past week, and they will go first to work towards the 4k points needed for the big battle in may.  

Guess when these are all done, I`ll be halfway there... but that resulted in me storing away for now the Reiksguard and Dark Elves Cauldron, together with the Chaos Warriors.  On the topic of AoS, I`ll be doing a seperate blogpost on that probably this weekend, and how it relates to my gaming group and club at current.

But for now, I got a lot of cultists to paint... and a trainload more to assemble as well as I got some more of them, but that is for tomorrows haul report...

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