dinsdag 14 november 2017

The Newest Tattoo: hobby materials

I went to my regular tattoo shop today for a quickie, in that it was time to expand a bit on the Hashut skull I have on my lower left arm.

Though this is a "next generation" tattoo, as I opted for the daughter of my regular meatscraper John to place it.

Now, it doesn`t have any deep meanings behind it like some people.  All my tattoos are geeky, and the criteria I usually use are: I like that series or anime.  Or hobby.  So in order to celebrate my return to wargaming, I wanted to make the Hashut skull more "skull and bones" style, but instead of bines, I went for a stanley knife and a paintbrush.

Yes, the brush is fuchsia.  I`m a Slaanesh player...

They are quite small, the skull is about the size of a 2 euro piece for the central mass, and these are both around 5 modest centimeters each.  I like the colours the artist, Stacy chose.  I gave her free reign in that and in design, my only "want" was said fuchsia for it.

Now this can slowly heal, and I have to stop by soonish to put a date for the next one, which will be... LunaMaria Hawk, of Gundam SEED Destiny.  I already have her drawing, courtesy of a danish graphical artist friend of Noshi.  Only thing I`ll need to decide upon is lower arm or lower leg, but that has time.

God I love the needle...

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