woensdag 22 november 2017

Black Templar Raptors

Space Marines are indoctrinated to resist the call of Chaos, and most of the time they resist this indeed.

However, occassionally some turn traitor, at times not even willingly but being lured in by hidden temptations.

With this band of former Black Templars, that is exactly what happened.  While one of the most pious of chapters, it is rumoured that they slowly got corrupted by the seeing of old archaic movies through the vox castings.  And Slaanesh did her happy dance as they joined the ranks of one of the warbands of the Emperor's Children...

Well, this is actually the box I got from a lot a few weeks ago, and this box cost me a measly 15 euro.  I never had any intention to start a Black Templar force, but neither did I fancy selling it on as they are quite lovely models with all the templar crosses and robed parts. 
So I did what I tend to do with every "loyalist" marine that finds his way into my paws: paint him pink and turn him into a trooper for my Emperor's Children.

Next on the menu for this week, "loyalist" Havocs...

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