vrijdag 24 november 2017

Anti-personel Havoc squad

The last of the units I needed ready for tonights game, this squad of Havocs come equipped with two Heavy bolters and 2 converted autocannons.

Though there is a tale behind those cannons...

You see, they are from the two boxes I bought earlier, and I had nicely assembled them with all the variations in the box.  Well, as far as "nice" and that cursed old metal and plastic hybrids allowed...

And then I wanted to calculate their points... and learned Chaos can`t take plasmacannons... ooooooops.  So I extended the barrels with a spare predator barrel and a missile launcher to represent them as autocannons, covering up the plasma coil with the paintjob.

So now they are fully usuable, painted in the pre-Heresy purple and gold, to lay down automated fire on Guardsmen, Eldar Guardians and other lightly armed Ork forces.

Now let`s see how they actually perform on the table...

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