donderdag 16 november 2017

Ancient Aliens season 1

"Triggered" by the book Chariots of the Gods by Eric Von Daniken, Ancient Aliens is a series on History, now over 10 seasons long, giving a voice to the ancient astronauts stretch of thinking.

This path of science investigates if aliens visited Earth thousands of years ago, and influenced our culture and society.

Yes, I`m a believer.  The series is made with the help of authors and scientists in all sorts of fields, who discuss the fact why the pyramids in Egypt, the holes of the Hobi, the Money Pit on Oak Island etc are all, or could be all, connected to each other.  And the strange fact that so many ancient structures line up perfectly with the constellation Orion.

It`s fascinating to see how certain old artifacts, like the "birds" from Colombia, or various ancient scriptures hint or suggest the arrival of men from the skies on flying machines.  And how it might effect the current day world should they return.  let alone the fact that modern construction wouldn`t even be able to recreate some of those monuments...

Oh, and it has the meme-king in it...

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