zondag 26 november 2017

The Haul Report 109: Dice, gnomes and cultists

Hello everyone to another week of stuff added to my collection.

A bit of a varied episode, as I got troops for both "main" GW systems this time round.

But first, I would love to thank my Noshi.  She went to shop for my christmas gifts, and as I knew she would go GW (she had asked a pure GW list) I asked if she would ask for the stamps for Path of Conquest for the dice.  Later, she send me this picture:

The action is apparently ending (so I need to pass by and trade in my card), and the store manager gave her the set of dice instead in one go... woop woop woop.

My Old School Miniatures Company Kickstarter arrived earlier this week as well, being the Alpine Gnome force.  All kinds of tiny Garden Gnomes in tiroler pants, who will make a lovely The Moot contignent for my Empire army.

The final purchase this week was the Chaos part from my buddy Vincent, who had them still lying around from the Dark Vengeance box.  More cultists!!!  As well as a second Helbrute and a bunch of Chosen, this will be another serious boost for my forces to get those 4000 points on the table in may.

A good week, but now we are going to (try and) cut back as holiday period is coming slowly but steadily...

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