maandag 20 november 2017

Late Roman Elites and Warriors

In order to "romanize" my force for Dux, I finished two more units of Gripping Beasts plastic Late Roman models.

This allows me to use my irish and dark age warriors as the levy and mercenaries, while the core force of elites and warriors consists of roman troopers.

The shield was apparently an actual design according to the well known Phil Baker book, and I went for the cleaner whitish tunic to have some contrast and uniformity in the army.

I did paint up 8 instead of 6 of each, to allow for the possible +2 models roll in the campaing, so now the whole Dux force is indeed covered for the remainder of the campaign.

No idea what will happen to the models afterwards, they probably end up at the Crisis B&S in a few years...

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