maandag 27 november 2017

The Conjurer's Crew

Empowered by Slaanesh, the former dancer known as the Conjurer (see my post a few days ago) went about assembling a crew for her newly found cult and bid to power.

Now, as an exotic dancer, this wasn`t that hard to do at all.

She just went into the club, and used her enforced allurement by Slaanesh to seduce all the men there into her service, soon ending up with a bunch of small arms wielding, frothing maniacs.  Bascally her normal clientele doing like they always do...

This small Cultist unit is painted to match the Freebooter figure I did earlier this week, and will serve mainly as a sort of firepower distracting unit.  As I equipped her rulewise with a shotgun, the unit is bound to advance to the enemy and hopefully survive a round of small arms fire before locking something in combat around some objective. 

To that end, I went for all pistol and brutal assault weapon for the gang combined with a flamer to advance along the shotgun, as that would grant a completely intact unit a decent 19 attacks, not to shabby for a small group.

The unit with their champion:

I just might see that they don`t start their rush in the open to fanatically, to avoid granting that first blood victory point in most scenarios...

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