dinsdag 21 november 2017

Stranger Things season 1

A Netflix original series, that with it`s premises of an 80s set sci-fi series was a bit of a gamble, but that paid off big time.

And now I finally started (sorry Hans for the delay) benching it with Noshi.

The series is taking place in the small town of Hawkins, where a child, Will Byers, disappears one evening.  Soon however, his mother becomes convinced he is communicating through the lights with her, making her look totally insane.
His friends are looking for him as well, and they come across a strange girl just called "Eleven" and who can do things with her mind, ranging from closing doors and tossing around van's to frying brains.
In the meantime, a third group consisting of Will`s older brother and Mike`s, Will's friend, older sister, are looking for their missing friend Barbara.

When a monster, called the demigorgon after the Dungeons and Dragons game the kids play, appears, it soon turns out that a lot of things are linked to the large company in hawkins, and that some very strange experiments are going on in there.  Including trying to contact a parallel dimension...

The seires is actually three sorts in one.  First, there are the kids who look for their friend in what is a typical 80s "fantasy adventure" style.  The teenagers are looking for their friend in what is soon turning in a teen drama / slasher story, and the adults are tackling the problems in a mystery horror tale.
The groups and their stories eventually blend together, making it a great run of story arcs, and a really lovely series to watch, one we both got intrigued by and we will soon tackle season 2 as well together.

If I might give one point of untied end / critique: the complete apathy of the characters about the fate of Barbara in the midst of all the mystery and horror...

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