woensdag 31 januari 2018

What I Painted in January 2018

A new year... and as such a new charge on the numbers of painted models!

The goal of course trying to beat those 600+ figures of last year, which should be doable considering I only got back to painting in april last year...

And with the AHPC in full swing, that means I'm doing more of batch painting and aiming for consistent unit entries (all Emperor's Children, all 10mm ECW, that sort of thing) instead of mix and matching things in my usually chaotic ways.

But the first thing I completed this year wasn't entered in the challenge; the gloriuos Lucius the Eternal, who will be making appearances in every 40k game up to and including the big battle at the end of may, where he will be the supreme commander.

The actual first AHPC entry for 2018 was a modest one, in the form of this Empire Noble, painted in the colours of Ostermark to lead that contignent of my army.

The next one was a 15mm model I had lying around for about 7 years, to enter the Flight bonus theme.  Somewhere down the line I'll paint up his cultist followers to go with him.

Reiksguard Knights with their command where the next lot of figures painted, to further flesh out my regiment.  These are actually the old plastic Battlemasters boardgame by MB models.  And a sigmarite mounted priest to cheer them onwards...

A whole heap of 10mm ECW where painted up, from the Lancer Miniatures Kickstarter.  I still have the force I painted so far (minus the cannon) to go once again, so I might try to get them in either this challenge, or shortly afterwards...

I also did the Curtsey's Shang Chariot at last after a decennium, and it isnpired me to slowly collect a Shang dynasty force for Mortem et Gloria.  But this is far off future music, as I plan on buying the models now and then to save them up for the Challenge next year as the main project.  At least they will all be glued and primed before the start then :-)

The next bonus theme was Big Guns, and I painted an old Chaos Dwarf Earthshaker for this.

The first "big" points grabber for myself in the challenge came with this whole lot of Emperor's Children, a playable force in itself, to expand my Legion ever more.  February will see some more of those bigger points entries for sure, as I will have reached my mark the coming weekend with the bonus round, and will try and reach the next treshold of 1.000 as such, maybe even getting uberambitious and go for the 1500 points, though I doubt that will be managable.

And that's it for this month, a nice and varied selection due to the challenge, which is a great motivational for working away bits and bobs in the Lead Mountain.  I hope to do a lot of ACW in the coming month, paint up the Crisis limited edition set of the past edition, some more Dark Age and Ancients models (like those Victrix Romans I won at the TSA charity event), and start on the Kickstarter of Tombstone, though that and my Blood Bowl team might be shifted to the final weeks of the challenge.  And I still have a heap of pink and purples to go... but we did paint a solid 80 models this first month of the year!

So many potential entries, so few weeks to go as we reach the halfway mark of the challenge...

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