vrijdag 11 juli 2014

Building Bag`s End

Okay, so officially this set is 79003 - An Unexpected Gathering from The Hobbit range, but to most people it is known either as `The house of Bilbo (Baggins)` or `Bag`s End`.

I am a lover of Lord of the Rings / The Hobbit (yes, I read the books... more then once), and I liked a lot (mind you, not all) of the sets Lego is / has been putting out from the franchise, but when this set came out, it was my summum of Lego sets.  However, for some reason I just didn`t come round to get a copy, so I was very, very happy when the GF had me order one before it is retired to give as a present for my birthday from her and the Smurf.

The set is from the beginning of the movie when the companions gather to go on the quest to joust Smaug out of Erebor, and today I cracked open the cardboard and decided to build it!

Welcoming me where 4 bags, a stickersheet and 2 booklets of instructions, as well as some of the larger plates the build takes place on.

Bag 1 is all about the `core` of Bag`s End, with the fundaments of the house.

Bag 2 starts the detailing of the interior, like the stove.

This is one intresting building technique for the large round window, and one I hadn`t seen before.  It slots into the poles and is then sealed in place, allowing for the big window.

The door, here seen from behind, has it`s pattern printed on it instead of a big sticker.

Bag 3 takes us to basically the garden and some more detailing inside like the table and stools.

`The Red Book`, including Bilbo`s initials... great touch to go There and Back Again...

Bag 4 takes us to the roof and it`s foliage cover.

This is an intresting piece, and one I didn`t know existed as I don`t have any in my possession for MoCs.  Definitly one I`ll have to look for one day on BL to add a few dozen to my stash.

Left overs, as with any Lego set, you get a nice haul of them, and some like the cheeseslopes are always usuable.

But of course, no set is complete without Minifigs, and the set has a good selection of a domestic clothed Bilbo, a Gandalf the Grey, and the dwarfs Balin...

... Dwalin, Bofur and Bombur.  Of course, in order to get the whole companionship, one needed to grab all sets of the first wave as they are scattered across those, but that ain`t my immediate goal.

The finished Bag`s End, I also like the (decalled) map tiles, depicting the Shire, Mirkwood and The Lonely Mountain.  This adds a nice detailed touch to the whole set.

I recommend it to all the people that like the LotR / Hobbit range and haven`t gotten theirs yet, because once the set retires, this is one definitly in the range of shooting up in price.  It`s sweet, it`s a good build with nice details, and it is a mighty fine and pretty piece to display on your shelves!!!

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  1. I like how they did the round windows in the set. This is one where expanding the footprint could be a lot of fun with more proper rooms.