zondag 27 juli 2014

GP Hungary 2014 - no review this time

Irony is a bitch.  I didn`t watch the GP today as it was the birthday of my nephew (in Doctor Who theme, so I gave him a set of Creative Building Doctor Who).

Okay, if I wanted, I could have gotten myself to some other room and watch the grand prix, but with the weather being sunny and me being social for once, I didn`t push it that far.

Of course, a Ferrari has been battling for the lead this GP...

But in the end, it was Daniel Ricciardo who passed Fernando Alonso in the closing stages.  Hamilton, having started from the pits, completed the podium, but more then that, I can`t report today.  Nor will I be able to report on the next GP in belgium, as I`ll be on weekend to the Moesel then, but I promise I`ll be churning out reports after that again.  The reason hamilton started so far back was due to an oil leak putting his car on fire, and as a result a lot had to be changed on the car.

Anyways, here is the result of today`s Grand Prix, but I ain`t going to be nominating drivers and teams, as I didn`t see enough for those kinds of subjective messages.  But of course, it would have been Alonso ;-)

1. Ricciardo - Red Bull Renault
2. Alonso - Ferrari
3. Hamilton - Mercedes

4. Rosberg - Mercedes
5. Massa - Williams Mercedes
6. Raikonnen - Ferrari
7. Vettel - Red Bull Renault
8. Bottas - Williams Mercedes
9. Vergne - Toro Rosso Renault
10. Button - McLaren Mercedes

11. Sutil - Sauber Ferrari
12. Magnussen - McLaren Mercedes
13. Maldonado - Lotus Renault
14. Kvyat - Toro Rosso Renault
15. Bianchi - Marussia Ferrari
16. Chilton - Marussia Ferrari

The Backmarkers

Remember the question I asked last week?  Well, the origin of the Red Bull team was the Stewart F1 team, founded by former world champion Jackie Stewart, and in competition between 1997 and 1999 before being bought out by Ford to become the Jaguar F1 team.

Now, this wasn`t one of those struggling backmarker teams like Virgin or such, but was mildly succesfull as the Ford `manufacturer` team, but the car had a poor reliabilty, even though Barrichello did score a second place podium at Monaco in the team`s maiden year, but those where their only points (only the first 6 back then scored).  In their second season, they where struggling and Magnussen, father of current McLaren driver Kevin, did score his only point before being replaced by Verstappen, but at the end the team totalled only 5 points.

Their final year was the most succesfull with Herbert taking the second car, and he scored the only victory the team managed in the european Grand Prix that year, the team ending 4th in Constructors with 36 points.

But they where oh so gorgeous cars with their Tartan liveries...

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