donderdag 10 juli 2014

The Tundra Bull

Tundra Bulls are hairy, smelly, vicious and ferocious, lumbering brutes that live in the northern tundra`s of Mitgardia.  But fortunatly, they also aren`t to bright, making them suitable to become tamed by the barbarian tribes to serve as pack animals or war mounts.

When steered into battle, the `driver` usually does no more then whip the beasts into a frenzy and then hanging on for life, as the bulls charge wildly forward, trampling whatever they meet under their massive feet, or try to skewer it on their elongated tusks.  Friend or foe are threated equally though in most cases, so usually the bullriders are put a fair bit forward of the battlelines...

 Currently, Eurobricks is running a mini challenge within the Guilds of Historica, inspired by the `Legend Beast` series from Chima.

The idea is for participants to make a brick build animal that can be ridden within the setting, and like with almost every challenge, I jumped on this boat as well.

Not that I participate with the idea of winning, but more with the idea of learning.  Before this beast, I never had created a serious `brick build` animal before, so it was a good exercise.  Well, it was actually quite hard, as I had no idea in which direction I was going to build (heck, plan B was a sideviewed Nimbus cloud thing...), nor how to start it actually.

I must have redone the head four times before I got it 1. well connected and 2. got those tusks more or less decently unto the model.

I must say, in the end I can live with the idea, it turned out something like a cross between a yak from the current WoW expansion and the Donphan from Pokemon... but at least it looked like an animal of sorts...

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