maandag 14 juli 2014

Great Birthday Gifts part II: exchanging vouchers

As I said in part I, I had received a good amount of gift vouchers and sponsorship for my birthday, and I have collected all of them now :-)

Now, I needed to get to the WSC Lego Brandstore anyways, as there where now new pastel coloured bricks in the PAB wall, and the light blues are good bricks for building an ice themed stone wall, more of that when I get it done of course, for Age of Mitgardia.

So in a went, armed with 80 euros of vouchers by the in-laws and Nemesis, 50 euros sponsorship by the parents, and 30 euros worth on the VIP card in value.  Added to that, I turned over the savings pot I have for small change, which I usually use for either anime conventions or Brick Mania as the budget pot, and this yielded an additional 140 euros...

... so I had decided to finally grab the huge Orthanc set from the Lord of the Rings range.  Measuring 70+ cm when completed, I already cleared out a platform on my desk to put it on my desk afterwards, and when I was at the cashiers... I received an additional 10% discount for the set, because it had some shelf wear at the bottom.  Nice!

The other gift vouchers, for the local toy store, was used for this second copy of the Chima set with a very small fee added out of my own pocket.  Yes, I bought it before a few weeks ago when it came out, and no, like the first one, this isn`t going to be build.  This set is a pure brick bomb for MoC`s in `my style` of building, all browns, beiges and the new crystal blues, as well as suitable minifigs for fantasy settings.

Thanks everyone, this was a great set of presents, love you all!!

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