maandag 7 juli 2014

I had half an hour... and an old City carwash

This evening I was visiting the parents in law, and amongst the toys for all their grand children was the old Lego City (back then still called Legoland) car wash and petrol station.

While we where waiting for dinner, the mum-in-law told me she still needed to disassemble the whole thing, and since my beloved one was busy on her tablet, I volunteered for the job.

And then I looked at me GF, went all big eyed and smiles, and said...

"I can... I can... I can build a spaceship!!!!"

Okay, so I probably couldn`t, having only a few good `buildable` bricks for doing just that and like half an hour before dinner was served, but never the less I did manage to come up with this thing

I actually think the nose came along pretty well, but the cockpit is to square, and by the time I started the wings, time was running out, and dinner was getting cold.

But I did swoosh him just for the fun of it...

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