woensdag 16 juli 2014

The Tundra Bull is on Lego Ideas

It all started rather innocently...  I had build a hairy cow mount for a mini-challenge over on Eurobricks.

Then someone commented on my LUG forum that I should submit it to Lego Ideas.  I thought that strange, as for some reason, I didn`t run to wild of the build, but all the comments kept being positive.

The GF then started supporting that suggestion as well, as it costs nothing, and you never know unless you tried, so past weekend, I did.  I submitted the hairy bugger, and yesterday I learned it has been accepted and has now started it`s one year run to try and get 10.000 supporters.

The Tundra Bull can be found here on Lego Ideas

If you make this mark, your creation goes into the review phase and has a chance to come out as an actual set in the Ideas (the former CUSOO) line.  You get a couple of copies of the newly designed set by Lego as they rework it a little, and your mug goes into the instruction booklet.

I doubt if I`ll even get close to the needed 10.000, as that would mean getting about 28 supporters A DAY for the coming year, and I`d personally settle already on 1.000 followers as an ego trip, and we`ll see afterwards.

But never the less, I might be starting a small PR campaign this year to see where I will end up, so yes, I`m putting a short header of the site top for my project.  So if your willing to cast your vote, or spread the word amongst friends to cast theirs, that would be greatly appreciated.  Supporting projects has no buy requirements at all, they just run a little survey to get an idea how high people rate it that it would cost, who might buy it and how hard it would be to build.

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