zaterdag 5 juli 2014

The Plan - Week 21

I know it ain`t much, but at least I got about 3 hours of game time in with WoW this week.

Which, like I reported earlier this week, completed the 1000 achievements goal for 2014 with one of the remaining Midsummer Festival achievements.

Bar those, I completed the rest of them (Northrend and Cataclysm, I was in my `out` time when they came out) as well, so now I can focus a bit more on gaining mounts again. 
Hopefully that will be the second darkmoon faire mount this week, as the Faire is back in town, the mount costs 180 tickets and I currently possess 170, so I might even grab some pets the coming months.

Talking pets, I`ve slowly started my `safari` as well.  I don`t care if they are `Poor` in quality, what I grab, I grab and so to fill out the lists.  I`ll upgrade them to green later on with Justice Points, a currency very easily begotten these days anyways.

For the guild parts, I have been busy, but not to much yet, something I hope to tackle a little while travelling through vanilla Azeroth, stopping at pools, burning critters and battling what comes on my way to bump some of the pets in XP while collecting, or trying to, the missing pets.

That means that I have set following `Guild Goals` for the coming week, if I am able to put in enough game hours:

* Set the Oven to Cataclysm should be bumped to 3000, meaning I`d need to cook 215 recipies as I type this, so that`ll be a lot of Tol Barad and Vash`jir to go still.

* Critter Kill squad to 20.000, meaning I need to exterminate no less then 1891 small thingies, this is going to be a hard one, but I can only try

* That`s a lot of Bait to 2750, meaning no less then 173 fish will be needed to be pulled out of pools.  Do-able IF I focus, which, well, you know hehe...

But that other game I have been playing (and enjoying) a lot this week is Minifigures Online.  So far, three worlds are available in the Open Beta (Pirate, Medieval and Space) each existing of two seperate `level worlds`, some dungeons are in there as well, and the smaller Pocket Adventure mini dungeons.

In the end, I have settled for the Nature Striker Tomahawk Warrior, his basic attack is ranged, his smash attack makes him charge forward and strike around, handy against shooty opponents for sure.  My goal for this game is to reach the max level cap of 20 (I`m currently at 16) and unlock his full skills tree.

So that`ll be doing some visits to Pirate and Medieval as well to `farm` stars for the skills and hopefully unlock more bags of minifigures.  I have the defender Heroic Knight as well in my collection, and he will be the Defender class I`ll be levelling hopefully to the top, but I still don`t know which Builder class I`m going to `main` in my team...

But all this will have to be put aside somewhere next friday, when the Smurf is back to his dad.  Then I can finally play Wolf Among Us part 4 (and apparently 5 as well by then) as that game is not really 8 year old suited and in the late hours of night, I can`t crank up the volume!

Well, see you all next week, and wish me luck in hopefully getting some good grinds in!

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