woensdag 23 juli 2014

Lego San Diego Comic Con exclusives

It`s the famous SDCC this weekend, one of the biggest event in geek-dom of the year, and unfortunatly, it`s in the States...

On this convention, a lot of announcements are expected to be made, like the new Hobbit movie (LOVE that poster), some tips on Marvel `phase 3`, and other things like new Lego sets.

The convention also has a lot of exclusives for the attendees, and one of the companies present is Lego, and by the lord did they bring a nice set of, for us europeans, totally unaquirable sets.

The scalpers are already aiming their sights, so don`t be amazed that you`ll find about 500 of the 1000 to 2000 limited sets on ebay for literally 500+ USD, something I ain`t paying for a minifig.  remember the Green Lantern minifig for one...

This year, six sets have been shown: two from Batman, featuring th cool 1960s Batmobile and one featuring a minifig of Batman`s "alternate", an alien that now serves as Bruce Wayne`s back up in case of mind loss.

Then there is `The Collector` from Guardians of the Galaxy, as well as the limited Rocket Raccoon set, which will be the ONLY one featuring Rocket in his Guardians uniform.

Finally there is an alternate version of Uni-Kitty from the Lego Movie, and the one minifig for which I would queu in order to make a chance in the raffle, alternate clothed Bard from the Hobbit.  Oh well, at least I have Lake Town Bard...

I`ll be popping back to this when information of all sorts of things pop in, but at least we got a teaser already of one of the 2015 Star Wars releases, the Wookiee Dropship.

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