zaterdag 5 juli 2014

Shrine of the Flaming Wind

In the lands of Kaliphlin, there is a small region dedicated to the lores of the elements and who live by a code of honor amongst their warriors.  yellowish in skin hue, these people forge the most fearsome blades, thin and elegant, but deadly to the touch.

When I joined the Guilds of Historica, my mind was pulled between two guilds to join: Mitgardia, land of Vikings, ice and snow, and Kaliphlin, the land of deserts.  What pulled me to the latter is that on their map, they had this small oriental inspired isle, so it was a decision between the chance to build oriental inspired themes, or to build with light blues and whites.

I admit that in the end, the Age of Mitgardia `in guild` build event has swung me to my home guild, as the evolving steps give a chance to evolve as a builder as well, and the fact that I just had a lot of grey, white and viking suited bricks did help as well, as there was no need to immediatly go shopping for trainloads of tan bricks, a colour that didn`t exist when my Lego was stored away and I entered my Dark Ages 20 years ago...

But I tackled this shrine as a freebuild none the less, I had the Kimono Girl from the minifigures collectible series, and the ninja like henchman that guards the shrine in secrecy from a small Turtles set (the Michelangelo / Klang one).
And it is build with yellows from the actual infamous Yellow Castle, my first Lego set I was consciously aware off...

One of the things I wanted to include as scenery where the typical japanese trees that bloom only a short time, which I think worked rather well in the end, and the actual `shrine statue`.  The statue was a grey `Norbert` dragon with some grey microfigs that worship the dragon, the flames for added dramatic effect.

The roof caused a bit of an issue.  I thought I had 5 golden horns, so when the Smurf asked if I had one for use as a magic wand for his Harry Potter range, I gladly gave him one... only to figure out a few weeks later I actually only had 4.  And I couldn`t get it over my heart to break into his room and `acquire` the horn again (it DID cross my mind though ;-) ), so Bricklinking and waiting for the mailman, and I could finish the build past thursday.

So that is it for the moment, all my future MoC`s are still in the `rough planning, need to get started on them soon` phase, but I`ll keep you all posted when something new rolls off the desk hehe


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