maandag 21 juli 2014

Pharaon of Sphinx announced

The late year limited release by Tamashii Nations / BanDai for the Myth cloth line has been announced a short while ago, and it is the spectre Pharaon.

Now in general, I`m not to much of a fan of the Spectres in Saint Seiya, finding their armours all to spiky and the black / dark grey / purple colour scheme doesn`t really do it for me.

But Pharaon is a different kind of spectre.  Guarding one of the mercurial houses, he judges passers by by the weight of their heart as in Egyptian myth, and his cloth is rather elegant with the lire and all.

Will I get him?  Perhaps, if I can find him next year on Antwerp Convention (I`m skipping FACTS this year in favour of Brick mania for budget plans), nut he isn`t on my `Must have per se` list.

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