maandag 21 juli 2014

Lego Young Builders first princess

No, I haven`t started a `pink period`, nor got to close with my inner child when I got this set of the newer `Easy to Build` range, that provides a manner for young children to make the step from Duplo to Lego (and this one aimed at girls and the Princesses or Friends ranges).

No, I still had a 5 euros voucher from the Lego The Movie action at Bart Smit, a local toy chain.  So this set only cost me 4 euros, and I did it for certain elements.

First off, there is of course the princess.  Not that many are available in the current Lego range, so having a female damsel for my fantasy builds is great.

Secondly, there is the horse.

Then there are the light pastel blue bricks, who will be incorporated into an icy build I`m planning when GoH turns to Mitgardia in the Book II storyline.

And then there are the odds bits and bobs in intresting colors, like the golden banner and window grills, and the deep purple spire toppings.

Not a bad buy at the reduced price I paid for it, and one of those sets I`ll keep on my radar if they ever drop out of favor and into the clearance shelves...

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