vrijdag 18 juli 2014

Rumours on the new The Hobbit sets for 2014

The end of the year normally should see the final 4 sets of the The Lord of the Rings / The Hobbit line by Lego, and on the Brickset database, as well as on the excellent Lego blog The Brick Blogger, the first drablings are falling in.

A well compiled list of tits and bits of information paints this small ideas on what we could be expecting:
  • #79015 LEGO The Hobbit – The smallest of the upcoming sets. Should include Galadriel and the Witch King. 101 pieces – price: $14.99
  • #79016 LEGO The Hobbit – This supposed to be an extension of the previously released #79013 LEGO The Hobbit Lake Town Chase set. 313 pieces – price: $29.99
  • #79017 LEGO The Hobbit – Features the battle of the Five Armies, not much else is known at this point. 471 pieces – price: $59.99
  • #79018 LEGO The Hobbit – This is the largest set in the upcoming wave and is the one that suppose to include Smaug. ??? pieces – price: $129.99

On first sight, I`m in for most of them bar perhaps the Battle of Five Armies set.  I think, like the Mirkwood Elf set, this is an `army builder` as they tend to call it, containing mostly generic troops for `army builders`.

What I definitly will get are the smallest and the largest sets.  The little LotR sets always have captured my appeal as display pieces (both the cart of Gandalf from LOTR as the Riddle of the Ring set from The Hobbit), and for the big one containing Smaug I`m already starting to save up VIP points and small change hehe.

Speculation: and this is purely my gut speaking, but I believe the add-on might be the tower with the arrow shooter that Bard uses to try and drive away the dragon

As an added bonus, this picture teaser of Smaug was posted on their FB page last week, and it contains the code to unlock Narzug.

Mind you this is not an extra implemented character like the code cards you get with the games for 2 or three characters, you can unlock him through normal play as well.  But it gives you a `tool` earlier on in the freeplay mode of the game.

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