woensdag 30 juli 2014

The Wolf Among Us episode 4

Well, I finally finished my fourth episode of this awesome series, and am ready now to head into the finale.

The Wolf Among Us is a dark investigator series, based on the Fables comic series.  Your are Bigsby Wolf (aka The Big Bad Wolf) and your looking into the murder of two prostitutes, Lily and Faith.

In this episode, we start off by you being patched up by the doctor after your beating by Bloody Mary at the end of episode 3.  Then your called to your office where `the little mermaid` is waiting for you...

You try to unravel the mysteries and connect the dots about who and where the `Crooked Man` is, and in doing so, you don`t mind breaking a few bones. 

Now, this episode you can seemingly unlock very fable IF you go to the pawnshop first, then the butchers, like I did (by accident) today.

Along your investigations, you promise to help out Beauty and Beast, as well as Johann the Butcher and Toad.  You manage to repair the mirror and find the way to the crooked man`s lair, but only after you defeated the Jersey Devil thanks to... the Woodsman!

But for the most part, this is a `setting up` episode to the grand finale, as a lot of background issues are solved, and you end up at a portal leading to the Crooked Man`s hide-out, in which you are welcomed by Tiny Tim and how he tells you Fabletown needs both good and bad.  And then you walk in and light a smoke as you sit down to talk... and the episode ends.

Now to get to the final part, god I like this series and think it far better then The Walking Dead, but that might be due to the setting.  Anyways, Telltale did a great job on it, and I can`t wait for their take on Game of Thrones!

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