donderdag 24 juli 2014

Lego 2015 Green Lantern and SMAUG teasers

Well, as I posted yesterday, SDCC has begun and some nice Lego sets have already been shown.

Yesterday when talking the exclusives I could show the Wookie drop ship already for the Star Wars range, and now I already found two more new franchise sets.

As if fate is willing with the Green Lantern minifig I talked about, Lego is bringing out Hal Jordan in a small set for their DC line, which will cost somewhere around 20 euros and contains Green Lantern, Sinestro and `space` Batman.

But the second one, coming end of this year, is already on my to get list by then.  The final wave of The Hobbit contains Smaug and the Dwarven forges in it`s biggest set, expected to lie around 100 euros.  The dragon is awesome, and this set is definitly going to be added to the collection!

I doubt this will be the end of the goodies shown at the convention, so I`ll post more as soon as I bump into something...

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