woensdag 23 juli 2014

Building my Eternal Decks: Legacy `Bugs and Honey`

Well, I get my best results in Limited Formats.  I gain the staple of my Planeswalker Points by being a midfielder in Standard events... but never the less, I am building at last my decks for Modern and Legacy.

Okay, so I participated in events of those formats, but usually brought just my current red deck of the moment bumped with a few cards from earlier sets like my Vexing Devils or Lightning Bolts.

But Modern IS the format on the rise at the moment, the biggest GP ever so far was a Modern one, and bar in my local watering hole, which is Type 2 centric, events are popping up more and more again for the other formats, and if I want to pop in at one, I`m going to be building `dedicated` decks for them, which I can store and no issues of putting cards from one into the other build, then forgetting them at the next event etc.

Now, I don`t know the meta game for any format (heck, barely even for Standard) as I`m not the kind of person that can put in the effort for reading all sites all day year in year out.  But for this format, I once fielded a Green Blitzkrieg deck consisting of Timbermares and other Haste Echo beasties, resulting in the only win ever being a Bye.  So that mechanic obviously didn`t work.

How it Works

Now, I`m putting together and trading towards a `Bugs and Honey` deck, consisting of beasties and charms, and which works basically by growing your big beasts even bigger and then hopefully trampling over the opponent.

The Decklist

2x Giant Solifuge
2x Gleancrawler
4x Hystrodon (play it using it`s morph if you can to get it in a turn earlier)
2x Nantuko Disciple
3x Scute Mob
4x Unyaro Bees

3x Bear Umbra
2x Epic Proportions
2x Wurmweaver Coil

3x Evolution Charm
3x Might of the Masses
4x Strength of Cedars
3x Vitality Charm

23x Forest


4x Nantuko Blightcutter
3x Primal Order
2x Plummet
2x Tectonic Edge
4x Natural Order

The Cost

Considering Legacy would be for me more of an occassional format, the first criterium of building a deck is that it shouldn`t be costing to much.  Okay, Green Blitzkrieg might have pushed that a little to far at 25 USD, but considering a meta environment of dacks costing between 1500 and 2000 USD, my goal was to get to a tenth of that amount.  And I did, this deck coming in short under 150 USD.

I`m using Trade Cards Online to trade for most of the rest of them, being not to popular rares nor others, this is a fairly well going process of trading my non red cards of Standard for some of those old buggers, often even managing to trade half a dollar in my favor and all.  People seemingly are just glad at least someone wants them...

The Goal

No big dreams of epic victories or the likes, the single goal of this deck that I have in mind is being able to participate and at least have some `angle` that most people don`t expect.  Something I had with the Green Blitzkrieg as well, but that usually fell short one or two points before the board stabilized or a Storm went off sweeping me away...

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