zaterdag 12 juli 2014

The Plan - Week 22

I caaameeee in likeeeee a wreeeeeeeccckkkinnng baaaaaaaaaaallll...

... and then floundered like a plush nerf bolt.

Yes, I started the week on good intentions and got some decent and strong game times in on monday and tuesday, even clearing up some of the older achievements like finally One Many Army.

I even took use of this to finally go open all those treasure caches for all those handy relics I have a lot of use for now that I`m already exalted with almost all factions bar the Emperor and the Prince... but at least I got two of the still missing cooking recipies out of it.

I did however get that second mount from the Darkmoon Faire, now clocking at 166 collected beasts to have some variety of riding around on.

And I completed all remaining quests normally from Cataclysm, in order to bump the cooking a bit as well.

However, in the end I only managed to get to one goal of the Guild goings, in that I broke the 2750 fished from pools aim, but I fell short of both the critters and (just) the 3k Cataclysm recipies cooked.

Ah well, I`ll survive that, I did have a good time though in the play days...

The other game, Minifigures Online, suffered from the same standstill after tuesday.  I left off at level 18, halfway to 19, but I did find a nice tongue in cheek in the game, in the Treasure Island instance...

The reason my games fell short in the end has been obvious on the blog, with my birthday, the bricking for a mount, the building of Bag`s end etc... and it seems the coming week isn`t going to get any better as I have a playdate with the Black Pearl, and hopefully monday with the Tower of Orthanc, so I fear there won`t be much MMO`ing going on.

And I really, REALLY should get my ass dragged over to the PS3... now that the kid is a week with his dad, this is the chance to play and finish the Wolf, as I want to spare his curious glances and explain the `fairy tale world for adults` hehehe...

And I still have a heap of Galge (google it) to try out and play, am tempted to give Lord of the Rings Online a shot AND must resist a female friends naggings to start playing Aion...

So for next week, I`m not putting in any goals at all in mind, I`ll see what comes and what goes without any real `direction` or `I must do that` on the agenda... for video games.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Hehe, heb juist 'Welcome to the NHK' uitgezien. Zit er tussen die Galge iets in het engels want m'n japanees is niet zo geweldig goed ;-)

  2. Super serie! But yeah, de meeste zijn engelse point and click adventures met gifs ed