dinsdag 1 juli 2014

The 2014 Goals: at the halfway mark

Well, the year is now 6 months in, and that means time for an oversight on how far we`re standing on the goals and plans for this year.

Now, like any good geek, some goals got dropped like the trading cards part of Pacific Rim (I decided in the end to not start collecting them when it comes out) and I dropped the unatainable of completing each and every Saint Seiya card.

The reason for this, and why I removed the House of Cards page is simple.  At these days 8 to 12 USD for a simple common from an old card game, that would be an astronomical cost... and money I`d rather put in bricks then cardboard.  For that reason alone, I changed the goal marks, and am saving up for bigger, hard to get Lego sets, the first on the goal list being the Black Pearl from Pirates of the Carribean, a set I really curse myself fore of not having started again with Lego just half a year earlier.

On the flipside, I had to order my birthday gift myself yesterday, one Hobbit house is on the way, love you Chu xxx.

But which goals did I achieve already then?

Both of the World of Warcraft goals have already been scored, with the 1.000 achievements for Lÿntaria and the 10.000 achievement points.

The other goal I already completed, is building a Blood Elf inspired house in Lego, which will (probably, always speak in two words) at the Brick Mania exhibition of BeLUG in Antwerp, come november.

But what about the ones I`m still working to?

The Magic level 32 might be achievable IF I get to continue playing consequently, and picking along GPT`s and the likes when I can.  To reach level 32 as I set out at the beginning of the year, and with the 5+ months I didn`t play, I still need 540 Planeswalker Points to the tally.  Taking into account the GP in utrecht and any side events I`m playing there bar the main tournament, that should account for a 100+ score.  And complete the 300 points I need to be sure for the WMCQ 2016.

The other ones though are going to be harder: I`m barely touching my PS this year, still `cooling down` from 1.5 years of intense Playstation battling, and I doubt I`ll even going to get near the planned levels.

And it has been a while since I spinned the Crusader out...

But all in all, it isn`t going to be looking to shabby on the end tally, if I just can keep planning... and focussed.

But the biggest obtained goal, is that I scored my certificate as Computer Operator, so thouse school hours have accumulated into something at least :-)

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