zaterdag 26 juli 2014

Lego Series 12 revealed

Based on the MMO Minifigures Online, the series 12 of Lego Collectable Minifigures has been released at the fullest.

Now, all the characters play `a role` in one of the worlds of Minifigures Online, with the `Video Gamer Guy` being the world as a whole.  Well, that might have sounded complicated, but think of Video Gamer Guy as the narrator and each of the others as the quest givers.

Or at least that is the intention, as so far in Open beta only three worlds have been opened yet, with the next in the pipeline being the Greek world.

The models are planned to be released together with the official version of the game, October 2014, and I must say it has quit a few intresting models I will be hunting after for my MoC`s.  If budget allows, I might even get me a box this time of the series.

Of course, I`ll be getting one copy of the Video Gamer Guy, being like well, a gamer of sorts.  Going left to right, top row first, other models that definitly intrest me:

The Joker, I`ll need at last one of those.
The Princess, always nice to have one or two additional female medieval models in the collection
The Spooky Goth Girl, just one, as I like the look and monocolor
The Mongol, I`ll have a dozen of these please
The female Djinni, one of those so I can build some oriental thingie
The Wizard, a single one
Greek Goddess, a Lego Athena, this one is my priority one target (like Lincoln was in the movie) so I can build something specially around her.

All in all an intresting mix, though it contains only one true `rank and file` miniature with the Mongol Warrior, meaning I`ll be trading for myself for 7 out of the 16 miniatures, but only one will be aimed as a multiple to get model.

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