woensdag 9 juli 2014

Great Birthday Gifts part I

Part I???  Yeah, it is not because I celebrate my birthday more then once a year, but it is because I also got a lot of gift vouchers from friends and in-laws, as well as `sponsorship`, which will allow me some raiding on the local Lego brand store.

And the thing, if they have it, that I will be hauling out of there, will be the Tower of Orthanc.  Yes, by combining my gift vouchers, the points on my VIP card, the sponsorship and the money I got from potting up small change since FACTS, I`m more then able to grab it.

The GF and the muchkin kindly gave me the beloved Bag`s End set, one I really wanted for a long time

as well as the new Lego Ideas book, dutch version, full of great things and ideas (from which I`ll be stealing, like brick build beasts and trees).

And this mysterious black envellope... which is for a `5 o`clock shave` at my local barbershop, which also has a classic 60s shaving saloon.  Half an hour of pure epic relaxness with hot and cold towels, oils, you get it, the whole classic shabang.

And there was more, bar the sponsorship, my parents also got me a brand new set of Darts :-D  Way heavier then those old ones I had since I was like 12 and whom twirled away like a leave on the wind.

But more to come, it`s nice when your beloved ones get you gifts you really wanted...

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