vrijdag 25 juli 2014

Some small but nice finds

Today, I went with the GF, my parents, their friends and their family to a yearly event called `De Krabbenfoor` in the dutch village of Bergen-op-Zoom.

This is the first time I went there (for the festival, I went there a lot already for noral clothes shopping etc, being only half an hour drive from Antwerp), but my mum told me we should join, as it has a lot of traditional stalls and the likes.

Of course, I couldn`t leave Holland without buying a small cheese ball, this time with mustardgrains in it, but what is more, I did find some nice and small, and very cheap Lego items.

The first was in a `dump stall` of strips, comics and the likes, the dutch version of the Harry Potter book WITH the minifigure, for only 5 euros.  I`m not that big into Lego harry potter, and since I didn`t even see all the movies, my knowledge comes mostly from the Lego games.  And from the Smurf, who is totally crazy about it.  He already had this book, so I thought I`d take it along for my own.  As well as some Michel Vaillant strips.

The second one was the smaller set from The Lone Ranger, the one with the blueshirts in it.  Costing me only 7 euros new and sealed, this is a nice small set I wanted to add to my collection (mostly for the US troops) but never got to it during it`s production run.

So all in all, I only spend 12 euros on Lego, but it where some very nice finds.

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