zondag 27 juli 2014

Inspirational Lego

Every once in a while, at unequal time intervals, I share some of the great builds I found strolling the internet like forums, Facebook, MOCPages and more (well, I`m just started exploring Flickr, but that will take a while still to get used to).

The first thing to bring to attention is The Battle of The Wither Woods, a project over on Guilds of Historica in which two armies battle it out.  Lego wargaming so to say.

The `players` had opened the project for all to join by sending in troops and war machines, and home brewn rules are used (there ARE wargame rules out there, like BrikWars, something I`ll be looking at in the future when the smurf is old enough for the experience, and do something with him and the nephews, but that is till long way off).

The topic can be found here, and the actual battle report (currently in progress) starts somewhere around page 5.

But I bumped into other great builds along the road, like this Futurama world build

Or on Facebook, this Roman temple was recently shown.

This little build on MoCPages really caught my eye.  Something doesn`t have to be humongous in scale to be lovely, and I loved the angles of the roof, the crow and chimney smoke on this little cabin.

Another awesome build is this middle eastern looking dockside

Autobots, roll out!

A wizard arrives by sloop to his riverside tower

The Fastest Man on Earth, I really like how the builder made the `speed effect` of The Flash

In this build, excavations are undertaken to dig up the treasures of a lost city

Another great (and very flashy) build, as Dorothy is taking the Yellow Brick Road

While someone totally different watches out for us...

These two legend birds from Zelda are greatly executed, I`m still in doubt which one I actually like the most, but I guess it will be the purple one, being all different in colour palette as to what one usually sees.

I choose you Pikachu!

... and companions

Finally, I want to share this TIE fighter in Steampunk style, a theme getting more and more attention in Lego, and a book about the topic has recently been released (and is on my Amazon watch list).

To round of this set of pictures, this was shared on the Lego group on Facebook this morning.  That must be about a MOC`cers dream to have such space available for use.

Well, until the next time, may all your bricky ideas come to fruition!

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