zaterdag 26 juli 2014

The Plan - Week 24

Good game time, good game time has been put in this week.

With temperatures this week climbing to the 25 mark... at night, which makes it way to hot to sleep for me, I managed to put in some hours after dark.

But unfortunatly, once more I couldn`t get myself over to playing WoW.  I just wanted to hang or sit back and don`t have to manage to many things at once, so I have been playing Lego: The Hobbit mostly on my Vita, now having completed the basic storyline mode and starting the clean up build towards platinum.  Which is still a long way off as I`m at 35% completion at the moment, but we`re getting there.

What I did play this week is a bit of Minifigures Online, now having maxed out and currently top-levelled to 20 my `main` Striker character, the Tomahawk Warrior.  I`m running the lower worlds and dungeons now to on the one hand gather those stars to level my Defender, the Heroic Knight, to maximum, while hopefully finding a polybag along the way with a cool Creativist in it, as I only have the plumber and interior decorator for now, but hope to get the Tarrot Card Reader or Mr Good and Evil or such for my team.

For the coming week, I don`t have to many plans for gaming, as it will be once more a rather busy week, and I have to slowly start preparing and testing my Magic deck for GP Utrecht, so priority will be shifting in that direction.

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