zondag 20 juli 2014

The Plan - Week 23

Nothing.  Zilch.  De Nada...

Maybe I should go see a doctor or something, but me, known as `the gamer` in his family, has clocked a full 7 minutes of game time the past week, to pop in on my Vita and do one single level there of Lego: The Hobbit.

That is it.  No Minifigures Online, no World of Warcraft, no Wolf Among Us, no some other game on the PS3 or the PC...

Bar hiding from the sweltering heat this week, I have been spending my time building Lego`s (Bag`s End, the Pearl, Orthanc...) and catching up on Magic M15 to learn about the format of the set for the past weekends Release Event, and how that Convoke mechanic worked exactly (which I ended up not using), sort out the not suitable for red cards and filing out my `want` lists.

I must see to at least get the Midnight run in somewhere this week, but I`ll be busy doing a lot of other stuff the coming days that I doubt I`ll be putting in many more game hours again this week, as I need to retune my deck for a weird idea that I have for the GP Utrecht (basically a Red Aggro deck that doesn`t attack... long story which I`ll get to in time).

Until next week!

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