dinsdag 16 september 2014

A great Lego haul

From the same vendor I got the T-rex set a few weeks ago, I managed to score another good haul of Lego sets today.

And the price?  Well, let`s say that if I sold off the TIE fighter at the averages prices it goes for, I`d be turning break even and have all the other sets for free.

The first set was a Used, has been displayed but still complete with instructions boxed set, 6088 from the old pre-Ninjago Ninja range.  This was the set I got my eyes on for one, as I can use all the parts and minifigs in my own builds.

This one is the `value set` of the lot, the old Star Wars TIE Fighter 7146, new in sealed box.

Another new in sealed box, but with some damage of where a price sticker had been, is this old edition of Ewok Attack.

This one is actually rather brand new, the Captain America vs Hydra set, still in the current catalogue.  And of course, still sealed.

This final picture is a bit of an unexpected addition.  Here should have been a smaller set from the Space - Exploriens range, but something went awry with another buyer, and for compensation I got this brand new TIE Fighter from the Micro Fighters range and the Spider-Man promo set.  Fair deal for me!

So another great deal of hard to find sets and good additions to my brick collections!

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