dinsdag 30 september 2014

The First Summoning

The Staff of the Fire-Heart Cobra... the ancient perkamentus scrolls told of it`s mystical powers of being able to `breath fire in those where it had been extinguished`.  She had learned of it`s tales, the tales that would allow her to raise the rulers and their armies of a time long gone and bend them to her will.

Surely, like with all heirlooms, there must be a catch, but she hadn`t found anything about that in the old texts, nor heard any stories.  Maybe it was indeed safe to use?

Standing on a small dune, Princess Cleobricktra sang the ancient incantations of awakening.  The gem on the staff started to flare up, and she felt mystical powers course through her body.  Pointing her hand at the sands, a blue strike of energy shot out, and the sands started burning with an occult, blueish fire.

Nothing seemed to happen at first, but then amidst the flames the sands shifted, and slowly a bandaged hand appeared.  As the energies kept flaring, she saw how a mummified body appeared and slowly crept out of it`s old sandy restingplace...

Like Guilds of Historica on Eurobricks and Eras of War on MOCPages, Chronicles of Old is the second `roleplay build game` I have been invited to join over on MOCPages.

There are five `lands` in this setting, Tolmost, which is a mainly human `medieval` faction, Algeirim which consists of the more barbarian style of fierce warriors, Folbiorn, a green island with men and dwarves as it`s main population, Whintham, a magician led land of dark things, and the faction I choose, Oain-Dul, the desert lands.

The choice for this is partly due to my choice for Mitgardia in Guilds of Historica.  There I was torn between choosing either the icy lands of my guild, or the sandy lands of Kaliphlin, finally settling on the former.  But now I had the chance to get building with my tan bricks and suitable minifigs.

Now I plan to build the faction for my entries with a twist, settling more on a `The Mummy` style of land (I have all those Pharoah`s Quest bricks and figs after all), so I`m planning on going by a mixture of undead and the living gathered together towards the goals of Oain-Dul.  Whatever those might become, because as in EoW the group is still young and starting out exploring it`s angles.

But of course, the first thing one needs is a sigfig for the game, so in the end I picked the Egyptian Queen from the Collectible Minifigures series (Cleopatra for the friends) to lead my region of the land.

I wanted to have her at the start of her newly discovered route, recently having come in possession of a mythical relic and now using her newfound powers to literally raise herself an army.

Now to the drawing board to get inspiration I have conferred to actual builds...

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